Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities

Pursuant to Article 28 of Law no. 9095, dated 03.07.2003, "On the Foreign Service of the Republic of Albania”, acceptance to the Foreign Service is subject to an open competition, in compliance with Law no. 8549, dated 11.11.1999, "On the Civil Servant Status."

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs notifies the Department of Public Administration, which is the competent authority for the implementation of recruitment procedures, on the vacancy in the Ministry, as well as on the general and specific requirements for the candidate.

Referring to Article 12 of the Law "On the Civil Servant Status” and Article 27 of the Law "On the Foreign Service of the Republic of Albania", the general requirements for the candidate are:

To be an Albanian citizen with permanent residence in the Republic of Albania
To have full capacity to act
To be in good health in order to perform duties
To not have been convicted, through a final court decision, for committing a criminal offense
To not have received the disciplinary measure of being dismissed from civil service because of a serious disciplinary offense; to not have abandoned the diplomatic service 
To be able to report on time and efficiently on assigned tasks and have good communication skills
To have completed higher education at an institution within or outside the country, recognized by the state
To speak a foreign language acceptable and suitable for work in the Foreign Service 
Particular requirements depend on the specifics of the announced vacancy 
The overall competition procedure ( Article 13 of Law no . 8549 , dated 11.11.1999, "On the civil servant status ") – starting from the announcement in the newspaper and the official PAD website, the pre- selection, competition and selection of the winning candidate – is conducted by the Department of Public Administration.

In order to apply for an announced vacancy, the applicant must submit the documentation requested in the vacancy announcement to the Department of Public Administration. The documentation is accompanied by the request, which specifies the vacancy applied for.

Job opportunities in international organizations where Albania is a member

Each international organization has its own rules of recruitment. Generally, you are advised to pay attention to the type of job, especially to the distinction between positions of individual contracting and those seconded by participating countries.

As a rule, individual contracting positions are done only by contract, following the successful overcoming of an open international competition for a particular vacancy. Applications are open to any individual applicant who applies in person. Although the application does not go through the state of origin, the latter's support for competing candidates is very important and has great impact on the final decision to select the winning candidate.

Seconded positions are filled by interested participating states with qualified candidates who can come from public administration, academic sphere and the private sector. Candidates who apply in this way also undergo a selection process through an international competition. This competition is preceded by a preliminary selection of candidates qualified by the participating states themselves. All costs for the winning candidate are covered by the seconded state (salary, health insurance, social security, etc.). Currently, our state is not able to support seconded positions.

More information on job opportunities in international organizations where Albania is a member can be found here.

Careers at NATO,

Internship opportunity during February-April 2014

Starting from February 2014, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will launch a program for recruiting interns in the MFA and in missions of the Republic of Albania in the world, if necessary. Recruitment announcements will be published on the website of the Foreign Ministry and respective missions, depending on the vacancy.

If you want to be notified electronically on internship vacancies, send an email with subject "Interested in internship" to, citing the positions where you would be interested to do your internship (MFA and / or relevant states), as well as your contact information.


Open call for policy paper


The Center of Excellence of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Albania, in the framework of fulfilling one of its main priorities, i.e. to identify foreign policy experts, is seeking to engage a consultant to write a policy paper.


Topics of the policy paper:

  1. “Regional economic cooperation- the state of play in the Western Balkans and future scenarios”. click doc English;


Interested persons can apply to the above topics by sending a proposal by e-mail at:, according to the requirements set out in the terms of reference.