Published on: 07 July 2017

Interview of Minister Bushati on Trieste Summit for Top Channel

Just a few days before the next meeting in Trieste in the framework of the Berlin Process, Foreign Minister Ditmir Bushati points out the two main points of focus of the Fourth Western Balkans Summit with the European Union.

The establishment of the Regional Economic Zone together with the signing of the Transport Treaty will be two of the main achievements of the Trieste Summit, such as the review of the effectiveness of some of the instruments that were available in this process.


Minister Bushati: The concern which is rightly raised by the leaders of the Western Balkans to Chancellor Merkel, is when will the first brick be placed, when these projects will be implemented. It is now time that we should work hard together with the European Union. We need to generate opportunities and financial instruments together with the EU, and here is the interference of the Foreign Minister Gabriel with the so-called Berlin Plus. We look forward to seeing the European Union more determined with regard to the implementation of the projects for which we have agreed, so people can feel real change.

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