Published on: 11 January 2018

Minister Bushati at the inauguration of the "new house of the Albanians" in Milan. The Albanian Consulate, a "success model" also in the framework of cooperation with Kosovo

Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Ditmir Bushati attended the ceremony of inauguration of the new headquarters of the Albanian Consulate in Milan. He was closely acquainted with the premises at this consulate and talked with citizens about improving their conditions.

Minister Bushati pointed out that the consulate in Milan, hich "until a few years ago was a draining of compatriots money", today is a modern office that provides services efficiently and at a reduced cost. Approximately 400,000 compatriots are receiving services at this consulate - he continued, and it was our government's obligation to modernize services by reducing the cost and timing of their takeover“.

The head of diplomacy emphasized that the consulate is "home for the Albanians", not only for organizing joint activities but also because it provides information and analysis about developments in Albania and the potential of tourism and economy in order to attract foreign investment.

The Consulate in Milan has been described as a success model in the framework of cooperation with Kosovo for providing joint services.

Digitalization of services is a challenge for the diplomatic service.

Earlier this year, the entire service delivery of the consular service was digitized through the dealerships of the Republic of Albania, offering 36 online services.

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