Published on: 04 August 2017

Minister Bushati meets with the Minister of Foreign Investments of Macedonia Ramiz Merko

In a very positive atmosphere, Minister of Foreign Affairs Ditmir Bushati received today the Minister of Foreign Investments of Macedonia and good friend, Ramiz Merko.

During the meeting, the constructive role of the Albanian political factor in the new government was assessed, as well as the continuous European contribution of the Albanian population towards the interests of the country.

In this context, the two ministers stressed that the acceleration of the Law on the Use of Languages and all other legal steps within Plan 3-6-9 on strengthening social cohesion and achieving inter-ethnic equality are a prerequisite for advancing the Euro-Atlantic perspective of Macedonia.

Furthermore, increasing economic cooperation and ways to exploit the maximum potential existing between Albania and Macedonia were at focus of the meeting. Fostering infrastructure and energy projects, strengthening trans-boundary cooperation, with impact on the development axis between the two countries and the interconnection of the region, remain the main priority and objective in the upcoming G2G meeting.

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