Published on: 20 December 2017

The promotional event of the Diplomatic rank “Ambassador” conferred to Dashnor Dervishi and Ilir Boçka was held today at the Albanian MEFA

It was held today at 9.30 am at the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs the promotional event on the occasion of the Diplomatic rank “Ambassador of Albania” conferred by the President of the Republic of Albania, to two diplomats Dashnor Dervishi and Ilir Boçka who serve the Foreign Service.

The two ambassadors are professional diplomats who served their country during two different political systems, in two different orders of international relations, with the same professionalism, official correctness and patriotism, in defense of our national interests. Their diplomatic work, now in the form of very rich archival records found at the Historical Archives of Albanian diplomacy, clearly shows how diplomacy has the power to influence on making decisions which are important for the country when politics experience cluttered dilemmas.

The diplomatic activity of the ambassadors and their official figure are a model to be referred by the new generation of diplomats as an example of professionalism, finesse and diplomatic techniques, prudence and unflappability in making important decisions.

During his speech Dervishi brought up some of the key moments of his 40-year career since 1976 when he started working at the Foreign Service.

"I have been fortunate enough to be part of the major influential events in our country for four decades in terms of foreign relations. I recall the end of the 80s, the mid-1990s, the time after the fall of the Berlin Wall, then Rome, where I was assigned as Ambassador, was the country which took care of soft changes, "- Dervishi, said.  He stressed as well, its impact on relations with our southern neighbor, Greece.

"The ambassador was once the emblem of the state he represented.  Today, his role is vanished a bit because of the global changes and the dynamics of events, which do not include only in Albania. These changes make the work of an ambassador more difficult, so it is necessary to assign moral incentives to them ", - Dervishi added. At the end of his speech, he thanked Ditmir Bushati for his attention and the contribution given to the assignment of diplomatic ranks.

In his address, Ilir Bocka considered the diplomatic degree “ambassador” an Oscar for his career, an appreciation of his work as a diplomat, but also as a man, as a protector of the interests of Albanian citizens. The ambassador gave credits to his family, but also to his colleagues with whom he collaborated during his career.

Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Ditmir Bushati, in his address said that the accordance of the ambassador degree, marks this day. It is a day, marked not only by the emotion of the two personalities of Albanian diplomacy but also because we enter a new phase, sets a new standard for future generations of the Albanian Foreign Service.

"I believe that today we have set a new standard for other generations of Foreign Service, who have contributed to protecting our national interests and promoting our highest values even in Foreign Service. Despite countless sacrifices, at the end of the day, people are rewarded and we have the opportunity to tell other generations about this process”,- minister Bushati said.

Describing Dervishi and Boçka as two personalities, two colonies in the field of diplomacy, whose career extends from the Cold War era to the digital era, the minister highlighted that their role was fundamental in terms of decision-making process with regard to the Foreign Service.

Although the ambassador's role has changed over time because communication bridges and tools have multplied, the ambassador's mind, his analysis and figure are crucial as regards some of the decisions made related to foreign policy.

The Minister praised in particular the role and professionalism of Dervishi in reaching the toponym agreement with Greece after 9 long rounds of talks and the special contribution of Boçka to Albania's membership in NATO and to overcoming the drone incident in Belgrade.

Minister Bushati thanked also Nishani and Meta for their contribution to the finalization of the diplomatic degree"Ambassador"  accordance to Dashnor Dervishi and Ilir Boçka.

During the event, Ksenofon Krisafi and Plator Kalakula brought reflections and memoirs, respectively to Dervishi and Ilir Boçka.

Also, the participants were provided with photos and documents of the two ambassadors through a video presentation.

The event ended with a cocktail party for the participants.


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