Published on: 17 July 2017

Remarks by Minister Bushati at the opening ceremony of the Embassy of Japan to Albania

Remarks by Minister Bushati at the opening ceremony 
of the Embassy of Japan to Albania
Tirana, 17 July 2017


Honorable Minister Kishi,
Honorable Minister of Economy,
Dear Milva,
Dear Ambassador ITO and Ambassador Teneqexhiu,
Dear ladies and gentlemen,

The geographic distance between Albania and Japan has often caused our relationships to be somewhat unfrequent and limited.

While established in 1922, diplomatic relations between us glimmered somehow in June 1930 with the signing of the first agreement of friendship and trade with Japan. Following, in April 1932, Aleksander Hobdari was appointed Honorary Consul of Japan to Albania.

This rush was interrupted by the tragedies of World War II, which devoured and radically transformed the small Albanian kingdom and the great empire of Japan.

The Cold War era was really cold and silent, although in 1981 our two countries re-established diplomatic relations.

Our political and economic transition coincided with the return of Japan to Albania as one of the most important partners, with about $ 400 million spent on support for development.

For us Japan represents a source of inspiration and of course a model. I am not referring only to economic diplomacy but also but also to a relationship with a high potential to develop even further.

In this 36th anniversary of the resettlement of diplomatic relations, Japan is an economic partner, for the volume of trade exchanges has grown by 30% over the past year.

We want to see this dynamic in the field of investments and tourism services as well. 

The opening of the Japanese Embassy in Tirana is undoubtedly a cornerstone that meets our long-standing expectation for a renewed relationship, eventually deleting geographic distances and building a new crossroads.

The opening of the Embassy is also a message of Albania's specific weight in the region as a country always committed to a friendly and reliable partner relationships with Asian countries.

Vetëm një marrëdhënie e tillë do i japë mundësinë këtij këndi të Europës jug-lindore dhe fuqive ekonomike të Azisë të tejkalojnë plotësisht periudhën e indiferencës dhe të marrin seriozisht potencialin e tyre të përbashkët.

Only such a relationship will enable this corner of south-eastern Europe and Asia's economic powers to overcome the period of indifference and seriously consider their joint potential.
The Albanian-Japanese Dialogue should serve this necessary approach.

By concluding, allow me on behalf of the Albanian government of Prime Minister Rama to express another welcome to the Ambassador and all the new staff of the Embassy of Japan in Albania and to assure of our full support during the exercise of their mission here in Tirana.


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