Published on: 27 October 2017

Speech by Minister Bushati on the occasion of the 3rd edition of the “Colors of Albania” event

I would like to thank you, Mirela and Blend, as well as the Embassy of Norway and the British Council for the realization of this event.

The "Colors of Albania" initiative, in its third edition, has now become an annual tradition as a new form to promote Albania, intertwine diplomacy with digitalization, youth with the promotion of the country, innovation with the old.

The fact that every year the participation grows and the photo number increases, shows that we have identified a useful and alternative instrument. By spending a little we have actually created a small mechanism that serves to a great purpose.

The "Colors of Albania" initiative is the most significant example of our government's motto "more with less", which indicates that the will to implement a project is more important than funds. Incarnation of the wise word "it’s better to know, than to own."

Dear friends,

If you look at news bulletins in the media, Assembly discourse and many other broadcasts and compare what is transmitted through them to what is transmitted through the pictures of “Colours of Albania”, it seems like you live in two exclusionary realities.

However, through our initiative we learn that not everything is black and white, that despite the challenges, we can live in Albania. As typical Mediterranean, people know how to enjoy life. Those who have visited Albania always want to come back. Just suffice to ask the embassy teams in Albania when you have to leave because of duty.

This year, the "Colors of Albania" initiative was launched on the eve of the summer season, at the Marubi Photography in Shkodra. This is probably why in this edition there are many pictures dedicated to the landscapes of our nature.

An interesting fact is that, besides photos taken from well-known places like Thethi, Dhermi, Valbona , lots of photos were taken from unknown ones, but with just as stunning charms as Vermoshi, Erzen Kanjonet, Mallakastra, Bënja or Shkopeti.

In this edition, it is also evident, the increase in the participation of foreigners. A large number of photographs are captured by foreign visitors.

Until last year, pictures of our cities centers were rarely shot. While in this edition, besides Gjirokastra and Berat, pictures from other cities, such as Shkodra, Pogradec, Korça, Tirana were shot.

An image is worth a thousand words, so "Photos shot by ordinary people, Albanians or foreigners, offer proof of the efficiency of the Urban Renaissance program."

Albania's colors archive in just three years has in its fund more than 20 thousand pictures, marking an increase in every edition. The multiplied interaction with social networks and the tremendous impact that has had especially among young people has transformed our initiative into a vibrant visual exhibition of figurative art.

In fact, many young people already use the hashtag "Colors of Albania" regularly, in many of the photos posted on social networks. So far this hashtag of "Colors of Albania" has been used 23 thousand times.

Also many sites which promote tourism  such as Albania Explorer, InCity Albania, Choose Balkans, Fantastic Albania, ColoursofDurres, Official InstAlbania, VisitGjirokastra, ThethAlbania, have shared photos of "Colors of Albania", transforming it into a real promotion guide.

The Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs has organized the annual exhibition of the best photos from the "Colors of Albania". So far, these exhibitions have been held in the US (Washington, Boston, New York), Belgium, France, Germany, China, Hungary, Holland, Poland and will be expanded in other countries that are of interest to our country.         

The motto of this edition “Dare to take the road less traveled” is a verse taken from a poem by Robert Frost and was chosen to refer to the interest of foreigners for our country.

Of course it is a motto for us as well, as the initiative "Colors of Albania" is itself the least beaten path. And knowingly, we chose to walk this path. As the next verse in Robert Frost's poem says, "and it made all the difference".

Thank you!



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