Archive Documents

The Ministry of Foreign affairs manages the archival documentary wealth created by the Albanian Foreign Service since the formation of the modern Albanian state in 1912 and its development in the ongoing years.

In addition, it administers the original fund of the bilateral and multilateral agreements signed by the Albanian state after its creation. The administration of this part of the national historical heritage which is updated every year with new documentary feeds, as well as its use for foreign political interests and those of the community of science is carried out by the Directorate of the Historic Archive and Documentation. The Historic Archive of the Albanian diplomacy is a member of the International Council of Archives (ICA) based in Paris.

The utilization of this documentary fund is grounded on the Law no.9154 “On Archives”, dating on 6/11/2003. According to the article 61, paragraph 2 of this law, the documents which are administered by the state archival institutions are allowed for use after 25 since the day of their creation.

For documents classified as “national secret”, the procedure differs and is limited by measures provided by Law no.8457 “On information classified as “National Secret”, dating on 11/2/1999.

In order to have access to the historic archival wealth of the Albanian Foreign Service, every interested domestic or foreign must submit a personal request or one in behalf of the institution he represents to the Directorate of the Historic Archive and Documentation in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The purpose of the research in the archival institutional wealth and the time of creation of the requested documentation should be specifically mentioned on the request. The Directorate of the Historic Archive and Documentation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is fully available on by facilitating the communication with the interested party.

The study of the archival documentation is conducted in the Study Hall of the Directorate/Department of the Historic Archive and Documentation where informative catalogs, regarding documentary funds are available. Any request for authorized copies of the archival documents of the Foreign Service, is submitted to this Directorate which implements this service after the requested party has made the relevant payment in the bank account of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The financial fees for these services are specific for each category of the public archives in Albania and are displayed in the Study Hall of the archival documents in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.