Published on: 09 May 2015

Statement of Minister Bushati on the latest developments in Macedonia

Hello everyone,

Happy Europe Day!

65 years since the foundation was laid for creating a united Europe, the EU continues to be a model of peace and prosperity; for candidate countries, such as most countries in the region, it is inspiring in terms of democratic state-building reforms and economic and social development.

In fact, today I only wanted to talk about this important day. However, due to the latest dramatic developments of our neighbor, Macedonia, I would like to share with the public the position of the Albanian Government on the current situation.

Since early this morning, we were informed by our embassy in Skopje on the start of a wide operation of security forces at the entrance of Kumanovo, in the "Lagjia e Trimave", inhabited mainly by Albanians.

Because of this operation, a yet to be confirmed number of people have lost their lives and others have been injured.

We express our deepest regret for the loss of human lives and in this context, we urge the authorities in Macedonia for transparency, cooperation and thorough investigation in determining the facts.

Under the direct interest of Prime Minister Rama, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, since the very start of this crisis, has been in close communication and consultation with the authorities and political and social actors in Macedonia, as well as with its international partners.

Our message is clear: we condemn any act of violence by considering it unacceptable for a democratic society.

At the same time, it is unacceptable that any person or group of armed people be identified ethnically, as it is unacceptable that the loss of civilians lives and lives of police officers is set against the background of ethnic prejudice.

We understand the expression of revolt against the loss of human lives in conditions of uncertainty, but, we call for calm and restraint.

Any further escalation of the situation does not serve the democratic stability and prosperity of Macedonia.

The language of hatred and extremist actions must be replaced by the commitment towards fundamental rights, democracy, rule of law and Euro-Atlantic perspective.

Inter-ethnic harmony, sanctioned in the Ohrid Agreement, with the blessing of the international community, is crucial to democratic stability and serves as a compass for Macedonia's Euro-Atlantic future.

In conclusion, I wish to assure the public opinion that we will continue to be in constant contact with political and social actors in Macedonia, as well as with our allies.

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